Bhavya is an organization run by The Bhavya Trust, which is a charitable trust. We are a group of individuals with a strong belief in the need for humanizing childhood and education.

Vision Statement

The Bhavya program as it is practiced today, is based on the belief that there is a natural plan of growth in the Universe which is timeless and without fault. As a human race, our only hope for peace depends upon how closely our own lives move in rhythm with this Universal plan. The more we move in rhythm with this plan, the more the peace and satisfaction that we experience in our lives.

We are deeply concerned about the serious threat posed to the normal development of children by a stultifying and greatly limiting view of childhood and education which is widely prevalent, today. We believe life is an education and that learning is an essential outcome of living and growing. We, therefore, work towards providing children with an open environment where living, growing and learning are nurtured in a natural and healthy manner.

We come with varied experiences. Interestingly, each one of us in our own personal journeys has been moving towards similar realizations. We have come together as a group with a common understanding that it takes courage to question ourselves, our own motives, our thinking and everything we do. It is in this questioning, we believe, that we really set ourselves free. We feel strongly, that only when we, as adults, work towards freeing our selves, are we able to give the space to every child to develop spontaneously, at the pace dictated by her nature and with respect and empathy for her position.

Bhavya’s Founding Principles

Central to the Bhavya Program are:

  • Empathy – We respond to each child with empathy. Every thought and feeling that a child expresses is taken seriously, and she is accepted without judgment. We have found that empathy helps a child to develop self-respect and compassion. It helps her to stay in touch with herself, and thus enables her to be sensitive to others’ feelings and needs.
  • Freedom – We recognize the importance of freedom in enabling the individual to realize her potential. In Bhavya, a child has the freedom and opportunity to make decisions about her activities, her interactions, and the use of her time. Our experience indicates that freedom helps the child to take initiative and responsibility – to take charge of her life. In the process, she stretches herself with challenges and makes new discoveries about her own capabilities and about life in general. Gradually, she is able to recognize her true potential.
  • Respect - In Bhavya we believe that each child, though limited in her range of experiences, is as much an individual and, therefore, as deserving of respect as anybody else. The individual child’s dignity is preserved in all her interactions with the adults around her. When a child feels respected and accepted, she grows into a self-confident individual who is able to respect others, quite naturally.
  • A Reality-based Learning Approach - Learning in Bhavya is rooted largely in the reality of the child’s experiences, and, hence, is meaningful to the child. This enables her to apply in her life, whatever she learns.
  • Parental Involvement - We believe that emotional settlement in a child is, primarily, linked to the environment available to her at home. We spend a considerable amount of time in helping parents to become more aware of their own selves, and in the process, become more empathic towards their children. This enables them to accept their children unconditionally, and to give them the freedom which is essential for them to realize their potential. As we move together as one team, the child encounters a nurturing experience with little conflict between her two major environments.

The Bhavya Trust is registered u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.